I'm Toby Malcolm.

If you’re struggling with modern technology, I’m here to help.

I’m a technology consultant.


021 - 148 - 1834

Residential clients

Examples of services provided:

✅ Defending against scams
✅ Managing passwords more easily and securely
✅ How to use smartphones, computers, and tablets (e.g. iPads)
✅ How to avoid losing your precious digital files and photos
✅ Setting up new devices you’ve purchased
✅ Digital estate planning
✅ Digitising your physical photos
✅ Publishing a website (e.g. to share family history and photos)

Business clients

Examples of services provided:

✅ MSP / Systems administration (Windows / Mac / Linux)
✅ Cybersecurity audits and training
✅ Backups and disaster prevention / data recovery
✅ Website management, SEO, E-commerce
✅ Network management and security
✅ Database administration (DBMS)
✅ Staff training and workshops

If what you need is not listed above, please get in touch and I can advise how I can help.


$120 / hour (or part thereof)
Minimum charge: 15 mins (online) or 1 hour (in-person)
$80 call-out charge to your premises
NB: Call-out charges do not apply to online appointments

Examples of charges:
30 minute online appointment: $60 + $0 call-out charge = $60 total
1 hour visit to your premises: $120 + $80 call-out charge = $200 total

Tech Tutors Limited

Based in East Coast Bays, servicing Auckland-wide (in-person) and NZ-wide (online)

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated since 2013

New Zealand Business Number (NZBN): 9429030577671